Pharmacist. Visual Artist. Video Gamer.
Ubisoft Star Player. Assassin's Creed Ambassador and Community Leader. Tomb Raider Localization Ambassador and Official Fan Site Founder.


Iraqi, pharmacist, visual artist, video gamer, Ubisoft Star Player,
Assassin's Creed community leader, official Tomb Raider fan site founder, human rights activitst, fashionista and fiancé.



"Five hundred years ago, burning the witch was as common as racism was in the 50s and homophobia is today. But as we matured as a race and allowed our minds to grow and learn, we obliterated our old, tyrannical ways and evoloved to a more civilized society.

So if we put our differences aside and bring our wits together, we can overcome the negativity we bred into our world and evolve ten fold the rate of our growth of the past 5 centuries, combined."



Driven by the artistic nature of the works of Steven Klein and Annie Leibovitz since an early age, in addition to the arts of video games like Assassin’s Creed and Silent Hill, my interest photography and conceptual imagery had grown exponentially and I started my earliest photo session back in 2006.

I’ve focused on being my own model to capture various emotions with my lens, in addition to allowing nature and surroundings to be the subject in other works.



As a gamer since 1997, I was inspired by the artistry, the music, the storytelling and theories show in games since I was 7.

Motivated by my fandom of Tomb Raider since 1997, I created Lara Croft: The Raider. The success of my Tomb Raider community along with my deep involvement with the over-arching story of Assassin’s Creed and the community, led me to create The Codex (The Lore Pages) fan site.

Today, I'm proud to be a Ubisoft Star Player and Assassin's Creed Brand Ambassador and Community Leader,  as well as being a Tomb Raider Localization Ambassador and Official Fansite Founder.



Below are a few samples from my work as a visual artist. I usually use myself as the main subject of my own photographic work. It gives me more freedom to be creative and daring.


Witness a glimpse of creativity and artistry in these moving images.